7 Things to Know Before You Travel to Dubai.

The Home of the Tallest Building on Earth! The Home of The Tallest Hotel Building in the world!

The Dubai Tourism and travel industry is booming and shows no sign of stopping. In 2016, the Emirate welcomed over 8 million international visitors in the first half of the year. By the end of 2016, the city had recorded approximately 15.27 international overnight visitors. If you plan to visit Dubai in the coming months, here are things to keep in mind:

There is more to Dubai than Just the Skyscrapers

In culture, Dubai has a genuinely fascinating one, especially if you dig more profound than the gold. For instance, the Dubai Creek is the heartbeat of the city if you will — traders from different parts of the world flood here to lash their ware.

Food is Heavenly

Being an expat-oriented city makes Dubai a rich source of dinner choices: and so the food is worth mentioning. What probably comes to mind is luxury restaurants, and there is a host of these in Dubai. But in areas such as Bur Dubai, you can find Filipino, Iranian, Yemeni, Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, and Nepali Delicacies.

Burkini for who?

A bikini will do. While Dubai is a Muslim city, it is leniently conservative. You have the freedom to dress as you would in your home country — tops, shorts; you name it: there is no need to cover your hair.

You Will Need a Cover-Up

The Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall can be cold, thanks to the air conditioners. You will need a cover-up if you will check out other places like the Jumeirah Mosque.

Alcohol isn’t Free but Allowed

There is plenty of alcohol in Dubai. However, they are only restricted to bars, hotels, and clubs. If you feel thirsty, you can always hop over one of these places for a glass of whiskey or beer.

The Spas are Incredible

Other spas in the world cannot measure up to the ones in Dubai. Talking about the ones found at luxury hotels, and although expensive, they are worth every dime. Plus, there are always discounts, especially in summer.

The Malls are Fantastic Too

Some people may argue malls in Dubai aren’t culturally oriented, but they are absolutely fun. Cinemas, ice rinks, ski slopes, Aquariums… Try the Dubai Mall; it is easy to lose a day in the glitters.