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Who is
Aras Group?
We are a leading company with a diverse portfolio of businesses that lunched in Dubai in 2015. Aras Group participated in making and promoting several real estate projects successfully, which gave it a strong stand and position in the real estate marketing, presenting its promise and services with credibility and transparency. We provides you the best investment option with a wide range of villas and apartments for sale in the UAE and more property services including, Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Development, Financing Construction, Real Estate Rental, Property Management and other worthy services. We formed a specialized team with long – standing experience, striving to be number one in the real estate market in Dubai, to provide the best advice and encourage you to make the right decision.
Industry Knowledge
Our real estate Dubai brokers boast years of experience in the Dubai property market. With a deep understanding of the real estate landscape, we can initiate and close deals successfully and timely.
Sales Market Expertise
We provide constant training to our real estate specialists so that clients can rely on the accuracy of our insights. Aras Group agents leverage their network and tools to ensure quality customer services.
As a premier real estate Dubai company, we commit to market properties for sale or lease, find the right property and location, and manage property for owners. Precisely, we offer comprehensive real estate services.

Project Financing

Real Estate Development

Property Management

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Our Partners
Aras Group only works with the leading real estate companies in the UAE.
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