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Aras Group has been a key player in the Dubai real estate industry for years. Again, we have an outstanding reputation, thanks to our high professional working approach and commitment to our clients.


We work closely with property owners, users and investors: using an all-inclusive and combined approach to achieve their real estate goals.


We have in depth knowledge of real estate development and trends in the uae in our years of operation. We offer customized solutions for investors interested in the UAE property market.


Our real estate areas of interest include:


  • Property Management
  • Acquisition
  • Corporate & Brokerage Services.
  • Property Development


Outside the UAE, Aras Group offers a wide range of real estate services. We welcome partnerships from property developers, corporates, investors, local authorities, and high net-worth individuals.


We consult for clients all over the world. We provide a platform for our international clients to access the UAE market via our selection of real estate solutions.

Property Management

Aras Group has earned a reputation as one of the leading real estate Dubai property managers of residential and commercial properties.


Our creative approach to management allows us to adopt technological changes while maintaining while maintaining a high level of service and improving living standards.


We manage our own portfolio and for others, as well.  Our property management services include:

  • Property assessment.
  • Resident relations.
  • Repositioning/ Renovations.


Aras Group is a strategic buyer, always in search of viable investment opportunities. Over the years, we have acquired over 35 million square feet of office, rental, and industrial properties.


Our acquisition interests include:

  • Firms that are undergoing restructuring.
  • Businesses that have filed for bankruptcy or companies in turnaround.
  • Private institutions and investors.
  • Businesses looking to improve cash flow.

Our integrated services allow stakeholders to merge all requirements using a single resource.


Such versatility saves times and money and presents more options to achieve a profitable long-term income.

Corporate & Brokerage Services

Anyone can get a space. But Aras Group finds the ideal space to fit your budget and financial needs.


Through our corporate & brokerage services department, we leverage relationships in the real estate world and sophisticated technology to provide world-class real estate solutions for our clients.


We will represent you throughout the lease negotiation phase and ensure that you get the best deal on the market.

Property Development

Every tenant wants a usable space with modern features, but only a handful receive it. However, you can rely on Aras Group for reliable solutions that meet your needs while safeguarding the long-term value of your investment.


Why? Over the years, we have developed over 35 million square feet of real estate.

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