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Moving In With Toddlers? Here Are The Best Pre-Schools In Dubai For Expat Kids

Relocating with toddlers can be a challenge, and finding the right preschool is a crucial consideration for expatriate families in Dubai. Here are some of the best preschools catering to the unique needs of expat kids in the city.

  1. Dwight School Dubai: Known for its international curriculum and emphasis on language development, Dwight School provides a nurturing environment for young learners.
  2. Foremarke School Dubai: With a reputation for combining academic excellence with a focus on character development, Foremarke School is an excellent choice for expat families seeking a holistic preschool experience.
  3. Raffles International School: Offering the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, Raffles International School provides a supportive and stimulating environment for toddlers to develop foundational skills.
  4. Repton School Dubai: Known for its outstanding facilities and commitment to individualized learning, Repton School offers a diverse curriculum tailored to the needs of expatriate families.
  5. Kids First Group: Operating several nurseries across Dubai, Kids First Group emphasizes a child-centric approach, providing a range of programs to support early childhood development.
  6. Jebel Ali Village Nursery: Catering to the needs of expatriate families in the Jebel Ali area, this nursery focuses on a play-based curriculum, fostering creativity and social skills.

Choosing a preschool that aligns with the needs and values of expatriate families is essential for a smooth transition. These options in Dubai provide a solid foundation for toddlers to thrive academically and socially in their new environment.

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